Customer Comments


The service is an excellent idea and very well put together. As a remand centre, communication between prisoners and loved ones here can take time to be approved so having this option available is highly valued. Great work.

Adelaide Remand Centre, SA

As a company without a doubt we can say it has been the most seamless implementation of new processes that have improved our service to prisoners while allowing efficient processing. 

It is win-win all round.

Fulham Correctional Centre, VIC

Economical and quick way sending and receiving messages at no cost to the prisoner. User friendly web-based solution. We have had no issues and this seems to be becoming very popular among the prisoners.

Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, QLD


With Many Thanks Hi there, your system is fantastic! Very grateful, since it is the easiest and most convenient way to stay in touch with a loved one! I am also impressed coming from my home town Adelaide!



Its a wonderful service - particularly for those with physical disabilities (like me).  Easy to use, has improved communication with my nephew.


With Many Thanks, Im very grateful for the service you provide to enable my son and I to communicate in this unique and state of the art technology way. Its been such a comfort to know especially with me in New Zealand that my son is just finger tips away from my messages of support, love, fun and laughter through your awesome and fabulous system.

Please keep up the good work so Mum's like me, and other relations from all over the world can continue that special bond for their loved ones till they return home and be a family again. Its because of your Service Ive decided to sell up and move back to Melbourne to be with son and the rest of my family. 6 more sleeps LOL


My son is currently on remand in prison and as a family we have never been through this process before having a family member incarcerated, so when I found this site via the net, as a family we were really excited! 

It is inexpensive, fast, simple and keeps us connected. It is great for me as a parent that is close to her children, as I can be in touch as often as I like and it keeps our son feeling as though he is often thought of on the outside.

Connection with those that matter on the outside I believe it is paramount to the inmates’ sense of connection, self-worth and feeling loved and not forgotten about, it helps to keep them grounded and not feel too lost or lonely and I believe it is possibly a useful strategy/tool in assisting with reintegration.

I 'always' tick the reply box so as my son can reply. This is important for him to know that he can reply.

This process is much quicker, less hassles and an inexpensive alternative to the general posting of a letter via Australia Post or even dropping a letter off in the mail boxes provided at each prison. It is a such a quick, efficient service.

For me as a parent it allows me to make contact whenever I want, as much as a I want and that helps me knowing that I can still feel as though I am including my son in family thoughts and happenings and helps him feel as though he is not forgotten from those that matter on the outside.

I love the fact I can send an email at 'any' time of the day or night and that the process (turn around) happens quick, as I said it’s a very inexpensive and efficient service and I am glad that I discovered it.


I am somewhat disabled and this just makes it so easy to keep in touch with my grandson. I can just do this at home, any time of the day or night and not need to go to the post ofice at all.  Very easy


 This has made it so much easier for me to communicate with my loved one. Letters can take weeks in the post. I'm very grateful that this service is available.


 I will forever be indebted to Email A Prisoner.. It is literally a life saver.. Regular mail sent to prison takes 1 -2 weeks (and that's even when posted at the prison) and Email A Prisoner is delivered within 24 hrs max.


 This is an excellent capability as it really facilitates family communication between visits and is much quicker than a letter.


It is fantastic idea able to send through communication between sender and receiver without cost for receiver a great thing and yes was able to open a line of communication. Great service


I love that I can keep in constant contact with my son on a weekly or daily need also it allows me to send family photos as events happen like Christmas the turnaround time is great not like letter writing which can take up to over a week


What a tool! It is a great way of communicating with prisoners. I have found it to be a very expedient service.