Unilink Technology Services

How it works

Unilink Software's Email a Prisoner works and works well!
However, we wouldn't be able to operate our service without the assistance and co-operation of Corrections Staff.

It takes a few minutes to sign up and once you receive your security code you can begin sending messages. It currently costs 90c to send a message, 75c if you request a reply and 65c per photo uploaded*

Our sophisticated system allows you to write a message, press send and sit back knowing the message will be delivered safely and securely to the selected location.

Message Delivery/Replies

Your message is printed inside the Correctional Centre and will be included in the next mail delivery. If you requested a reply, your Recipient will also be given a blank sheet to write on. Once they write their reply and it is sent back, you will receive a notification to your registered e-mail address.

If the establishment your Recipient is in uses Email a Prisoner on Kiosks, your message will be delivered electronically. Your Recipient will then be able to write an electronic reply on the Kiosk also. (You will have to ask your Recipient if they receive messages on paper or on Kiosk.)

We are always looking to increase the portfolio of services that we offer to prisoner friends and families to make coping with a loved one being away from home, easier.

If you have any comments or ideas for services that you would find useful please let us know

 *Photo Attachments only available at participating establishments. See more information on our Locations page